Carefree, Vibrant and Fun. Those are the words I want to come to your mind when you look at my photos!  

MY work

Bright pops of color and an image that screams fun is what i'm all about. If you're not having fun during your session then i'm doing something wrong!  

I put my heart and soul into my work. I spend hours editing your images to make sure they are absolutely perfect. 





Im a sucker for a good love story and I want to hear all about yours! 

Couples In love

I'm all about photographing with bright vibrant colors and having fun in the process! I'll be your third wheel and capture all the little moments in between that you didn't even realize I noticed. Whether you're a Couple in Love, A High School Senior, or on your way to the altar, I can't wait to meet you and make some magic together! 

Ariel Grondin Photo